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If the words “sign up for our newsletter” or “sign up here to get news and updates” appear anywhere on your website… then I’m afraid this blog is going to be quite an awkward one for you.

Sign up for our newsletter. Five of the most boring words that anyone has ever written on a website… ever and if you’ve got them on your website right now, then I’m afraid you need to get rid of them and you need to get rid of them as quickly as you possibly can because, quite frankly, it’s really lazy marketing on your part.

You see, what you’re doing by asking for someone’s email address, in exchange for something, is you’re carrying out a transaction of some kind.

Think of it this way. If, instead of an email address, it was some money, even a very small amount of money, that they were giving you, you would want to make sure that they got something in return that was, at least, the value of that money but, ideally, more than that.

So, what you gave them would make them go “wow, this is amazing. I only paid a small amount of money and I got all of this amazing value back.”

By giving them that extra value, you start to engender a really good respect and excitement and almost joy about your business because people see that you’re over-delivering.

Respect Their Email Address

Now, why would you think it was any different for your email address? Okay, so the email address isn’t currency but, actually, it, kind of, is in this situation. You see, if someone gives you their email address, they’re giving you the chance to actually go and interact with them on a relatively personal level.

That’s not nothing, that’s quite a big deal and it’s more of a big deal then I think most people think it is because you actually have to respect the fact that they’ve given you their email address.

You respect it by giving them great information. Great information that they can apply straight away rather than something that’s going to happen in a few days or weeks or months, or whenever it is that you send out your newsletter.

What’s Wrong With An Email Newsletter?

Just think about the idea of an email newsletter. When you sit down, for example, of an evening to watch the news, or you go and read the news, you’re being given something that’s happening out in the world that you’re being informed about, but it doesn’t necessarily relate to you.

That’s the same with a newsletter. People talk about newsletters and they use newsletters as a way of talking about their own businesses and what they do.

Now that’s only interesting if it applies to the person who’s reading it, which most cases it doesn’t. So, you want to try and make sure that you’re applying what it is that you’re telling them, directly to that person.

You should know your target market and know who they are, so you should be able to talk to them in language that they recognise and understand and, more importantly, give them little nuggets of information that are immediately valuable to them that they can go and use straight away.

A free report is a great way to do this. Free reports convert very well. Things like videos and audios can convert as well, although not usually as well as reports. There’s tons of ways that you can deliver that value, but none of it is through a newsletter.

The only time that a newsletter can work, and I do say this very tentatively, is if you can create a newsletter where you’re giving people updates all the time about what’s going on in your business, but, you’re framing them around what it is that your customers can do in their business to make their lives or their world work a bit better.

You might be in a consumer market as opposed to a business to business market. If you are, that’s no problem. You can still do this exact same thing. You might also be in a product world as opposed to a service world.

Most of what I’ve said so far is for service based businesses. But, if you have a product business, then, again, you can give them something of value in exchange for their email address.

It could be a coupon code they can use next time, it could be that they get something cool or something free with their very first order. All of these things are things that you can do and it’s just a way of increasing the value so that when they do give you their email address, you’re actually respecting it and giving them something great in return, not just something that you think they might want vaguely, because they don’t, I’m telling you now. They don’t. People don’t need that stuff in their inbox, they don’t need your stuff clogging up their inbox. They only need it, if it’s going to be something valuable and worthwhile for them, that they can go and apply.

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