The 1 Productivity Question You Need To Ask Yourself Right Now

What Is The Productivity Question?

I’m really curious, did you ever learn Algebra when you were at school? If you did, leave a comment below this video and let me know if you ever actually had a use for it once you left school. Like once you did the exams and you filled out all the answers, all the stuff that you learned, did you ever actually find a proper, real world use for Algebra. If you did, I’d be really curious to know.

Equally, if you didn’t, I’d also love to know, because I didn’t. I never, ever found a use for Algebra. It was the kind of information that I had to learn because I was at school, but actually had no practical value at all.

Now, my problem is that, actually, lots of business owners still operate on this same model. They learn stuff because they think they should, not because it’s actually useful. This is what I want you to avoid.

So, the question you need to ask yourself is a very simple one. Is this “just in case” information or is this “just in time” information?

Whenever you’re presented with a video or a blog or a speech or an opportunity or whatever it might be, ask yourself “is this just in time information or is this just in case information?

“Just In Case” Information

Now, the “just in case” information is like algebra at school. It’s the kind of information that you might need at some point in your life, but, also, chances are you’ll probably actually never find a practical use for it.

It’s just something that will rattle around in your head for the rest of your life and, also, learning it will waste a hell of a lot of your time. It can also make you feel very overwhelmed because you have all of these other options that you’ve learned, which you actually can’t really apply.

“Just In Time” Information

Instead, what you need to go for is the kind of stuff that is what’s known as “just in time” information. Just in time information is the information you need, right now, to complete the actual stage you’re at in life or in your business.

My point is, you only need to worry about the information you need to do the task that is in front of you. For example, if it is marketing your business, you need to know exactly what the process you need to follow to market your business correctly. Once you find out that process, that’s your step one.

You then go to step two, which is actually to implement that process and work out how you can do it properly.

The fact is, you could go out there right now and learn all of the different types of marketing that there are for your business. But, the chances are only three of them are things you actually need right this minute.

So, guess what you should learn? It isn’t all those things that are out there, it’s just those three things you need to do right now.  And, actually, there’s probably an order that you could use to learn them in, which would help to compliment all of them.

The Process

Once you’ve worked out what is the “just in time” information, then you need to work out what the process is to achieve your goal and then ask a very simple question. If you wanted to achieve a successful business, what’s the process?

Now, that process might have 20 or 30 or 50 steps. You only need to focus on the next step. Just focus on step one if you’re at the beginning and once you’ve completed step one, guess what you do next? Very good… step two. It’s really very simple.

But, most people tend to either try and learn all of the steps at once, before they start anything, or they tend to get halfway through and then try and jump ahead to Step 30 or Step 40 when they’re still only on Step 5.

You need to go through that process really methodically, everything in business is a process. The more you make it a process, the quicker and easier you’ll find it and, also, the more you can ask yourself that question… “is this just in time or is this just in case?”

If it’s “just in case” run away from it like it’s the plague. If it’s “just in time” brilliant! You need that information right now because it’s “just in time.” Don’t learn the “just in case” stuff, don’t try and learn more algebra then you need to. Unless you’re going to become either a rocket scientist or an architect, you don’t need that stuff. So avoid it as much as you possibly can. Don’t try and learn something just because you feel like you should, because that’s rubbish.

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