The Perfect Length For Content

How Long Should Your Content Be?

I want to talk to you about the perfect length for content that you create, whether it’s on your blog or your video channel or even your email, is there an optimum length you should be aiming for with your content?

How long should your content be when you’re creating a video or blog post?

Well, some people say it should ideally be as short as possible to make people as engaged as possible. Then other people say you should go and create epic long content because it really impresses people because they get to learn a ton of really cool information. But who is right?

Get Your Point Across

The fact is all of that is nonsense. The thing that really matters is have you made your point? If you’ve made your point and you’ve done it relatively concisely and you’ve given maybe a couple of examples that illustrate that point… you’re done. That’s it. That’s as long as that post needs to be.

Now, if it takes you 5,000 words to explain quite a complicated concept, then it takes you 5,000 words… because it’s complicated. But, if you’re still making it clear to people, then it doesn’t matter how long it is, people will read it.

Equally,  if your marketplace doesn’t necessarily like posts that are 5,000 words long and they want to read lots of little bite-sized types of things, then, again, write bite-sized stuff but make sure it’s clear and concise.

So, that’s how you do it. You simply make sure that you make your point, give a couple of examples that illustrate that point, underline the point again and you’re done. That’s it… finished.

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