How French Fries And Ice Cream Can Increase Your Profits



Would you like fries with that? It’s one of those phrases that you’ve probably heard a number of times at various different fast food establishments.

It originates in McDonalds because McDonalds realised that if they offered you a way to make your fries or your burger or your meal, in general, a bit bigger, they could charge you a bit more money for it and you’d happily pay it because you wanted that bit extra food.

They actually make a considerable amount of money every time you upgrade because they can charge you, let’s say a pound, to upgrade your meal. But, actually, of that pound most of it is profit because it doesn’t really cost them much more money to put a few extra French fries or a bit extra burger or a little bit more drink into your meal.

I bring this up because, this is something that you can do in your business and it works amazingly well.

But Where Does The Ice Cream Come In?

I mentioned ice cream at the beginning and that’s where this all comes from because a couple of days ago I was in an ice cream parlour near where I live.

It’s an amazing place, my favourite ice cream parlour ever, but they did something which immediately made me think “they aren’t actually making as much money as they could” and here’s what happened.

I went in there with my girlfriend and I ordered a sundae. Now, I thought that an ice cream sundae automatically came with a brownie. The fact is though, it doesn’t.

It’s a separate order.

But I didn’t know that so I just said “I’ll have a sundae please with these few flavours in it. When it came, I was very happy, but I realised there was no brownie.

So I said “I’m sorry, I thought they all come with brownies?” and the lady behind the counter very politely said “oh, no. That’s a separate thing. But it’s only £1 extra. Would you like to add it?” At that point, it immediately made me think of McDonalds because what she should have done was at the very beginning when I said “I’d like a sundae please” she should immediately have said “would you like to add a brownie to it for just an extra £1?”

I would have immediately said “yes” because I would have wanted that anyway. But, actually it made me think, some people will go in there and they’ll just order a sundae, never really knowing that there’s a brownie possibility.

For one those people are missing out on the most amazing brownies, but most importantly, the parlour is missing out on potentially hundreds of pounds just on 1 simple upgrade!

What Upgrades Could Your Business Offer?

This is just one example of how a business could actually scale up how much it is they make from each customer.

I realise, £1 may not sound like a lot. But, I know for a fact, a lot of people go in and out of that ice cream parlour and I’m sure the same is true of your business, tons of people come to your website, whether you sell a product or a service.

Once they actually start to order something or pay for something, how could you upgrade your customers and actually upsell them into something that’s more valuable?

Something that they’re going to value, they’re going to love you for giving it and you’re going to get extra profit as a result of having offered it. I’m sure there’s something in your business that you can do and if you want me to give an example, go ahead and leave a comment below.

I’d love to know what you could do in your business, and what your business is, where you can actually make that bit of extra money. Remember, it’s all about the extra value you can bring to the customer and, of course, then the extra profit you can make from it. But it’s really all about the value first.

So, go ahead and find some ways in your business that you can actually upgrade and upsell to people.

What We Do

One very last example, in my business I have a free report, but I immediately do what’s called a trip wire offer where I actually offer people the audio version of that free report.

It’s a nice convenient thing, people can go and download that free report and then immediately download the audio where they don’t actually have to read at all, I just read it to them in my lovely dulcet tones and they only have to pay maybe an extra five or seven pounds to do that.

So, that’s an example of what we do. Do the same in your business and you’ll be surprised just how much more money you can make.

Did you enjoy this article? Got a question or comment? If so, please leave it below in the comments section and I’ll reply as soon as I can.

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