LeadGenSocial.com exists to give small business owners and entrepreneurs the strategies to generate targeted leads from social media advertising.

Over on the blog, you can get the latest insights and methods that are working right now with Facebook and Instagram Ads.

But that’s not how this site started…

Back in 2014, I was working as a Facebook Ads freelancer for clients and digital marketing agencies.

During that time, I decided to start my own agency. It was originally called ‘Interprise Marketing’ and I think we can all agree, the name was terrible! 🙂

[In case you’re wondering, the idea was to combine ‘Internet’ with ‘Enterprise’… However, it just ended up looking like I couldn’t spell ‘Enterprise’. As soon as people had to ask ‘Sorry, did you say ‘Enterprise’?’, I knew I’d screwed up.]

That was the last time I decided to start a site without thinking for a long time about the name…


One of the clients I was working for as a freelancer (a digital marketing agency itself), was going through some issues, and one of the directors left.

That left the other director (the CEO) on the other side of the world in Australia, with nobody to run the UK arm of the business.

I had been working for them and clearly I was doing something right, as a month or two later, the remaining director offered me the chance to run that agency.

I’d gone from freelancing to being director of two agencies in less than 6 months(!).

The pressure mounted as I tried to juggle them both, but I realised at the end of 2015 that it was crazy. I didn’t need two agencies, especially given my other ambition…

I wanted to create a site that could help people specifically with Facebook and Instagram Ads, and build some recurring income for myself at the same time.

While all this was going on, I’d rebranded and renamed ‘Interprise’, as LeadGenSocial.com, so it made sense that this would now become the ‘info’ site.

That left me with just one agency, which I still run to this day as the Managing Director.

It’s called RoarLocal and we do some pretty awesome things for clients who want their digital marketing done for them.

So, that’s a potted history of LeadGenSocial, which brings me to the point where I can help you.

If you have a question that you’d like answered, leave us a voice message via the button on the right or get in touch via the contact page here.

You can also leave a comment under any of our posts (where the comments are still open) and we’ll reply ASAP.

We publish new content on the blog every Thursday, so check back weekly for the latest updates.

We also share more insights over on our YouTube channel a couple of times per month at least, so head over there and subscribe to get the latest tips and tools.

Looking forward to helping you crush it with social media advertising.

Matt Duggan


Interprise Marketing LeadGenSocial.com 🙂

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